Buddha Circuit in Sri Lanka

Siddhartha was believed to be born in Lumbini in Nepal and grew up in Kapilavastu in India. Siddhartha grew up in sheer luxury and was protected from all the sadness and sickness of this world. But as fate had it, one day he came across a sick person, an aged person, a corpse and realized [...]


Sri Lanka – A myriad of sights to behold

From going Whale Watching in Mirissa to hiking in the mountains, from the exotic beaches to the wildlife trips, from the hills to the waterfalls, Sri Lanka is truly the ‘Wonder of Asia’. Thrill seekers and sightseers of all stripes converge in this exotic place. We are all running on the treadmills of life, pause [...]

Tea Talks

People all around the world have a certain fondness for the flavour of Tea. There’s something enticing about its firm bitterness that sparks devotion. Tea has become ingrained in everybody’s way of life. The history of Chinese Tea in India is a very interesting one. A guy named Robert Fortune stole Tea plants and seedlings […]

The eye on a Tiger

The Bengal tiger, also known as the Royal Bengal Tiger or the Indian tiger, is the national animal of India and also its pride. This gorgeous creature has an imposing beauty. It has thick legs, strong teeth and jaws and a patterned coat. The skin in its belly has a beautiful shade of yellow to […]

Paint it Orange in Sittong

Are you one of those people who love and enjoy doing ‘nothing’? Because in the ‘doing nothing’ phase also, lots of things can be done. Sometimes I also enjoy doing nothing’. I just let my mind do all the work. Sometimes it thinks of shopping, sometimes food and most of the time it thinks of […]

Down the Unconventional Roads

The incessant ringing of the I-phone along with the honking from the streets below woke up this woman of 36 years. Already 35 missed calls and the time was only 4am! For the last few days her mind has been restless, she is unable to think clearly, there is this storm brewing inside her. But […]

In search of a Blue Whale in Mesmerising Mirissa

Sri Lanka is not only a country full of waterfalls but there are also endless beaches, timeless ruins, herds of elephants etc. And then there are the Blue Whales inhibiting the waters of Mirissa. There are many places to visit in Sri Lanka, like Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Bentota etc. But make sure you don’t […]


Naturally Nepal

This small little country in the lap of the Central Himalayas is amazing. We entered Nepal through Birgunj, a dusty little town riding a Tonga or bullock cart which led us to one of the numerous travel cum car rental agencies for a hired vehicle. Thankfully we got a mint condition Tata Sumo and a […]


Scuba Diving in Andaman

Scuba Diving but why in Andaman? Andaman can't offer you a superb resort, discotheque, shopping mall rather it is solely an abode of water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walking, glass bottom boat rides, jet ski, speed boats etc. So, if you are looking for some serious water adventure or water sports and activities [...]