Twenty years of turmoil has failed to wipe the smile from the face of what Marco Polo called the most beautiful island in the world, says Ben Mallalieu

Sri Lanka is not only a country full of waterfalls but there are also endless beaches, timeless ruins, herds of elephants etc. And then there are the Blue Whales inhibiting the waters of Mirissa.

There are many places to visit in Sri Lanka, like Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Bentota etc. But make sure you don’t miss out Mirissa. It is a must in your itinerary. People from across the world come to Mirissa, Sri Lanka, just to catch a glimpse of this gigantic beauty. Mirissa is undoubtedly the best place to start your whale watching expedition and the best season is from November till April. It is a small tourist town on Sri Lanka’s south coast, popular for surfing and famous for whale watching.

The moment when you first lay your eyes on the beautiful creature will be an experience to cherish for a lifetime. No wonder it is said that patience is a virtue. Those waiting with bated breaths just to see the Blue Whale leap out of the water after swimming under the water for sometime is an accomplishment in itself. The first sign of whale activity is always a white fountain of water reaching high into the sky. This is a whale spurting water from its blow-hole in order to take a breath as it reaches the surface. The most spectacular moment is when a hungry whale decides to head back to the depths to continue feeding. The rhythmic action of the whale with its elegant tail rising out of the water and then again diving in with a beautifully dramatic motion will leave all the watchers speechless. The silhouette effect of whale’s tail will be etched in everyone’s memory forever.

We also request you to not to ignore the cute dolphins who might also accompany you in your whale watching expedition or else they will feel sad!

Mirissa also has other attractions to offer besides Whale Watching. First thing you can sip fresh coconut lying in your hammock. Then you can visit The Doctor’s House, Secret Beach, Parrot Rock, Coconut Tree spot, Galle Fort etc. Stilt Fishing needs special mention here. Ask your tour operator to include it in the package.

Don’t forget to indulge in local delicacies. The tasty Sri Lankan fare of traditional breakfast dishes, roti, kottus, dhal, curries and devilled chicken will surely excite your taste buds.

When you are wandering on your own, befriend a local fisherman because you might end up having lunch prepared by his catches of the day and also get to hear tales of the past, post tsunami and much more…

Most of the major Airlines provide service to Sri Lanka. There are direct flights from many places in India such as Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai etc. You will also get some cheap flights. Commuting from Colombo to Mirissa is easy. There are various modes of transport available but the best thing is to rely on your tour operator. Sri Lanka is well connected from other countries also like Australia, Maldives etc.

Once in your life you should plan a trip to Mirissa, Sri Lanka as it will be an unforgettable experience. Infact November is just around the corner and the best time for whale watching is also what are you waiting for? Plan your tour and book your tickets Now!

Here are some important points or should we say, your checklist:

  1. Take guidance from a qualified naturalist.
  2. Look out for the spout of air and water, which signifies a whale coming up to breathe.
  3. You have to be an early riser.
  4. Book a renowned Whale Watching company and Pay a bit extra to sit on the top of the deck.
  5. If you suffer from seasickness, you are requested to carry medicines with you unless you want to miss out the golden opportunity and lie down on the boat.
  6. We are also pretty sure that you will not litter the beautiful environment.