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Claims & Refund Policy

Claims & Refund Policy

  • Refunds if any, for variation/modification/amendments/alteration and/or cancellations etc. of any tour shall be paid directly to the Guest(s) by ‘A/C payee’ cheque, in Indian Rupees at the prevailing rate of exchange on the date of the cheque, as per Reserve Bank of India Rules and Regulations, irrespective of whether the tour payments in part or whole were made in foreign currency.


  • No refund can be made to the Guest(s) for unused services, unused transportation, unused air conditioning/ heater in accommodation & transportation, unused sightseeing, unconsumed meals included in the package, (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea) or for voluntary modifications made by the traveler.


  • No refund is admissible on count of deficiency in quality of amenities provided – Any dispute regarding service provided, room quality, food quality, transportation quality, complimentary transfers as provided by the accommodation, is to be taken with the concerned accommodation or transport management company directly by the Guest(s) without involving the agency (Ocean6 Holidays) at any point.


  • All extra charges for laundry; telephone; mini bar; alcohol, beverages, and food, room heater, fire place, air-conditioning, loos or damage of the accommodation and its assets, taxes etc as billed by the accommodation are to be paid directly by the Guest(s) on his/her own account.


  • For package tours, after departure, the services included in the vacation cannot be changed, or there are changes in an itinerary for reasons beyond the control of the Agency, the Agency will arrange for the provision of comparable services. Any resulting additional expense will be payable by the Guest(s), and any resulting savings will be refunded by the agency to Guest(s).


  • Refund claims are forwarded to the concerned accommodation/ travel management, & a refund is possible only when the amount is returned / credited to the Agency´s account by the accommodation/ transport management as per their rules & regulations. There is NO REFUND against booking of Homestays in West Bengal & Sikkim.


  • No part or full refunds are permissible if the area/location of the accommodation suffers a power cut, due to load shedding or otherwise & air-conditioners / fans / lights etc. do not function.


  • Guest(s) not availing the services offered due to personal sickness/tragedy will not be eligible for a refund.


  • No refund is applicable if the services cannot be rendered due to Severe Weather Conditions like Rainfall, Snowfall, Storm; Natural Calamities like Earthquake, Flood, Tornado, Typhoon, Land Slides; Riots; Curfew etc. in the respective starting or destination of travel.


  • Postponement of travel dates after initial confirmations/ booking will fetch no refund for the Guest(s), it will be treated as “No Show”.


  • All disputes are subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction.